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Benefits of HubHack

Your Personal Hashtag Assistant

Hashtags at Your Fingertips

Organized hub theme hashtags delivered every day. Copy/paste hashtag lists and a handy printable to help you edit your list. Main hashtag banks, speciality lists, and a comprehensive list of hashtags the correspond to hubs that no longer post.

Instagram Tutorials

Grow your following by learning how to optimize your profile, craft compelling captions and pretty up your grid. Save time by using Instagram features efficiently and effectively. 

Boost Engagement

Over Instagram Pods? I hear ya. Engagement Posts are an easy, non-committal way to boost your engagement with a different set of people with every post. Only participate when you want to and have time.  

Mod School

Click Pro Only Benefit

A mini-course to teach you how to start a hub (feature account) ahead of your breakout or workshop to use as a marketing tool.  Mod training included.  

Workshop/Breakout Launch Success

Click Pro Only Benefit

Hand in hand with Mod School, Launch Success will provide you with what to do in every phrase of your class promotion including step by step formulas for running Facebook and Instagram ads. 

Promoting Your Breakout

Click Pro Only Benefit

PhotographerHack will take an active role in promoting your workshop or breakout, including giveaway and/or ad spend of up to $100.  (For workshops that run multiple times per year, total annual budget is $150.) 

Save Time & Get Featured

In 2016, I started a 365 Project and was posting daily to Instagram. I figured out that I got a boost in followers after getting featured on hubs. I created a system for organizing hub hashtags and then realized that all of my Insta-friends were having the same struggle I once had: Haphazardly taking screenshots of theme announcements, missing themes, using expired theme tags. Through HubHack, I do all the work and research. You can focus on creating valuable, inspiring images and captions. 

How Meg Loeks Hit 150k On Instagram

Otherwise known as "The four best ways to increase engagement on Instagram."

What The Heck Is Up With Top Posts On Instagram?

When you search for a hashtag on Instagram or tap on it to view all posts that used that hashtag, you have two ways of viewing the results. The default is Top Posts.

Featured Photographer: Marissa Gifford of @marissa_gifford

Marissa’s images are infused with interesting compositional elements, light, movement, connection and the purposeful use of color.

"HubHack is a busy photographer’s dream come true. I have such limited time to be on my phone during the days, and I love that HubHack puts all the week’s hashtags in one place. I can spend more time actually enjoying Instagram and interacting with my IG friends, and less time searching for tags. Thank you for streamlining this process for me!"

Erica Eldridge

You Ready To Do This?

What all does a ClickPro HubHack member get again? All of this!

  • List of themed hashtags via private Instagram account, updated daily.
  • Weekly themed hashtags. Copy/pastable. Plus PDF printable for convenience.
  • Daily Instagram engagement posts.
  • Premium content & tutorials.
  • Organized blog circles.
  • Guest blogging opportunities.
  • Member Spotlights on the blog (promoted on social media)
  • Photographer Directory listing (coming soon)
  • Mod School (a ClickPro only mini course)
  • Launch Success (a ClickPro only mini course)
  • Active promotion of your breakout or workshop including giveaways and ads.

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